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What celebrity would you be?

So today whilst out for a run I was listening to a podcast about business marketing. Someone on the show asked the question 'If your business brand was a celebrity who would it be?' It took me about 5 seconds to come up with an answer - Holly Willoughby.

Now dont get me wrong, im not the font of all knowledge when it comes to the This Morning presenter, but the perception she gives to viewers and her followers is one I can relate to. Being a working mum and of the same age (2 weeks apart to be exact) I feel I can connect to her. Of course I dont have a make up team and stylists but even so, I think its her down to earth nature and brilliant sense of humour that get me. I just love watching those youtube compilations of Phil & Holly cracking up over silly things on live TV. The amount of slip ups and innuendos is just amazing. And dont even get me started on Celebrity Juice!

Yet throughout all her years on our screens she still presents a personable and welcoming front. You feel like you could really sit down with her and put the world to rights. Plus, I bet she knows a load of juicy gossip from all the people she has worked with.

So whether its business or playing you in a movie, who would your celebrity be?

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