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3 girls, 2 wedding dresses and 1 camera (plus some wine)

Ever looked back at your wedding photos and thought 'I wish I could wear that dress again'? I know I did. Luckily for me about 4 months after my wedding I attended a charity event in aid of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer foundation held at the Albert Dock. Me and 4 friends donned our dresses and had a ball. We even stopped at McDonalds on the way home. As you can see in the pic below, we looked a right sight (thats me on the far left).

So last week I asked a couple of my besties if they fancied getting their dresses out. I dug mine out the attic, where it has been for 6 years and probably still had the remnants of a Big Mac on it! Then we all met up in a garden (social distancing of course) and had some fun. Now I must point out that quite a bit of wine was also consumed during this photo session. What would a girly Friday be without a few bottles? You might also notice that the girls in these pictures are also in the McD's image (love my mates).

The shoot started quite sensible with nice garden shots and quickly ended with my mates pretending to get married and having a right laugh trying out all the poses. We also got a few mum and daughter shots which was so special as she was not born when her mum and dad married.

After a few more wines we decided that it would be a great idea to go for a little walk as we were in New Brighton so we could easily access the cliff tops and take in the view. Lets just say that we got some strange looks, from people using binoculars to teenagers cat calling. Turns out that the binoculars were not for us though, people were watching the fireworks going on at Liverpool Pier Head (LFC won the Premier League the night before). And there was us thinking we were almost famous!

From there we headed down towards the beach, by now its nearly 9pm and the sun is due to set soon. On the way we have to walk through an underpass, not the nicest of locations but we made it work. The graffiti on the walls made a great backdrop for an edgy shot.

When we made it to the beach, we mainly used my dress as it was the biggest and looked great in the water. It was so much fun to watch the girls having a laugh and being so carefree, we got some amazing shots. All of these images were taken with one prime 50mm lens and 1 speed light. Nice easy packing for me. Turns out though that walking on the beach in a soggy wedding dress is not that easy, who'd have thought it!

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone with a wedding dress sitting in the attic. If like me most of your mates are already married, you can be like us and have a girly night to either wear them again and have lovely photos or you can trash the dress like we did. FYI colour bombs would be AMAZING.

My dress is currently hanging in my shower and the bathroom smells like New Brighton beach but it was well worth it.

If you are interested in doing the same thing give me a shout. My portrait sessions can be tailored to anything you can think of.

Now im off to put my dress on, grab a wine and sit watching that episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Nadine x

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